Family Sessions & Film Soup

Film soup has been something that has truly helped me through the past year of Covid-19 uncertainties. I did my first rolls of it in May 2020 and now I can't imagine not having it in my life. Not only do I get to take pictures, but I get to create an added layer of art, which turns out, is basically completely out of my control. You know, kind of how most of the last two years has felt ;). The experimenting of film stocks and different ingredients to use while creating film soup (which, in basic terms is taking a perfectly good roll of film and putting it with boiling water and any variety of ingredients to essentially destroy it) has been such a fun journey, and it's helped me find patterns I wish to recreate again and again. Which sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but always there's magic. Why do I say magic? Because the most incredible effects come from film soup, most of which I could never dream up on my own, even if I tried. The perfectly placed colored bubble, or wave of color, amplifying the image in a way that can only be described as, the soup knows. Somehow it just knows exactly what to do. I don't know how, it just does!

Insert, family sessions. Film soup is so much of who I am as a photographer and artist, but I wondered if it would really translate into my family session work. I wasn't sure it would, and really I was scared it wouldn't, but I knew I had to try. The result? A little extra magic in my sessions. I try to incorporate a roll of film soup in most all my sessions, sometimes it works out to do a roll and sometimes it doesn't, but so far any time I've added it in, it's been a huge success. Is it a risk? Absolutely! To be honest, I could do a whole roll of film soup and not get one useable image back, but based on the images above, it's a risk that is worth taking. And one I'm happy to take.

So now, who's ready for a session with some extra magic? The time to get your family on film with all the swirly, whirly, rainbow goodness of film soup is NOW! What are you waiting for?