Small Group Mentorship

The Personal Project Project

Through personal projects, I've mastered my craft and found new ways to create. I firmly believe that personal work is professional work, which is why I'm creating this small group mentorship. Because investing the time and money into personal projects is worth it.

In this three-month cohort, I will help you dive into a personal project. Maybe you don't know where to start., or your project is stalled. Maybe you just need an accountability partner. I'm here to help!

Next cohort coming soon!

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Summer vibes of 2023 captured all on Polaroids. I documented the days with my kids, trips, events and all the little in between moments. The result? Nostalgia showcasing one of the best summers I've had.


Back in 2015 I shot my first roll of film (as an adult) and took my first mirror selfie. I didn't even know this was a "project" until a couple years later when I was looking back and my work and saw the trend I had done for myself. But I realized it was more than a trend, it was the story of my life in these photos. I've continued my mirror selfies to document my life, motherhood, reclaiming my body after babies and finding my true self. This project is so important and special to me and I'm so grateful to have this project.


In March 2020 I quickly realized I needed a project to help me get through the days of uncertainty in that time. Enter "Find Your Rainbows", my project to help find those pockets of joy in some very scary and uncertain days. I used a creative technique to help create the rainbow effect and the result is I have all these images that do exactly what I set out to accomplish. When I look back on these images I find and see the joy I hoped to capture and remember from those days.

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