Fall Mini Sessions


Mini sessions are back! You get a taste of my family + lifestyle sessions, but in a condensed time. Held at East Fifth Studio in Des Moines, these sessions are quick, fun and let's be real, perfect to get that holiday card picture checked off the list.

Family + Lifestyle


Hear me out, I'm going to give you a stress free family session. Your kids are going to run and play (or make fun of you if they're teens) while I go around capturing you all in your most true self. The result? Heartfelt images of you with your loved ones.



Posing? Never heard of it. Well, I have, but there's going to be less posing and more directing. I'll help you flow and vibe to get you in a relaxed and comfortable state where I can get those authentic images of yourself that you're craving.

Senior Session


Ok, senior pictures are a time honored tradition, but they don't have to be stuffy! I'll help you achieve some of those timeless images, while also putting a new twist on senior pictures that will make you stand out from the rest of your class.

Outside of Des Moines

Contact Me

Unfortunately you're not all in Des Moines (insert sad face emoji), but that doesn't mean we can't still make magic together. Let me come to you in your hometown or on your vacation - you get me there, and I'll bring the cameras and alllll the film!

Education for Photographers

Not all artists who wander are lost. Come join me in creating just to create through personal projects, workshops, retreats and more!

Let's Film Soup

It's time to do something new, something wild, something that might make you a little scared. If you're looking for permission to experiment, I'm here to give it to you. What are you waiting for? Learn how to soup your film through a PDF guide or in-person workshops.

Let me show you my passion


Hi, it's me, Sara! I have a passion for Personal Projects and I want to help others find that passion. Finding a joy in creating, just to create, trying new techniques and giving yourself the room to shoot a roll of film with wild abandonment. Personal projects and giving myself the chance to create freely have made me the artist I want to be as well as fight off creative and business burnout. My goal? To help you find that same success. Because dang it feels amazing.

Through my educational offerings, I will help you tap into your own personal projects, to find those same personal, professional and creative gains that I have with my work. Because yes, personal work leads to actual income :)

Want to know more? Check out my free PDF on The Importance of Personal Projects (below), along with other great offerings to help you manage a personal project and start creating with wild abandonment. I want to leave no room for excuses on why you cannot shoot just for YOU.

The Wandering Artist

Not all artists who wander are lost

What is The Wandering Artist?

It's a brainstorm session to create a personal project.

It's an online community to work with other creatives.

It's a workshop where you get to work with me in my studio space.

It's a weekend retreat where I plan all the details and you show up, ready to create just for the joy of creating.

With the Wandering Artist I'll be here to guide you through your
personal projects and find how it can bring you emotional,
creative and professional gains.

Learn About The Retreat

Artists' Point Studio - The Retreat

A retreat for photography and renewal

The Retreat is a long weekend hosted by Amy Elizabeth and Sara Johansen up at the North Shore of Lake Superior. This is a spot that is near and dear to our hearts and we want to share this magical location with other photographers.

After the whirlwind of the last couple of years, we feel it is extra important to get away, recharge, be inspired, and have creative communion. Currently no future retreats are planned, but stay tuned for future dates!

Artists' Point Retreat 2021, Video Courtesy of Cami Turpin

A Glimpse Into Artists' Point Retreat

Enjoy this incredible video put together by 2021 attendee, Cami Turpin. This shows a true look at the fun, fellowship and photography that you will experience at The Retreat.

Images below are from The Retreat 2021, taken by attendees Cami Turpin, Jen Golay, Sonia Marfatia-Goode, Anna Metcalf, Krystle Adams, Amy Elizabeth and Sara Johansen

Image by Jen Golay
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Sonia Marfatia-Goode
Image by Jen Golay
Image by Anna Metcalf


“My time spent with the wonderful Amy and Sara at Artist Point Retreat will always be treasured. It was a time much needed, to get away, clear my head, and refocus my creative mindset. The background was beautiful, there's something about the water there, the nature surrounding us everywhere. The accommodations were lovely, very convenient, close to restaurants and shops. Amy and Sara were an open book with any questions we had. The other participants were wonderful, and I'm glad to finally have met them.”


“If you are in a creative hamster wheel, or photography funk, Artists' Point Retreat is the perfect antidote to get away, slow down and be inspired.”


“At this point in my creative journey, all I really want out of a retreat is new places and faces to shoot, creative energy and collaboration with other artists, and someone to feed me and drive me around so I don't have to do anything but pick up a camera. Is that too much to ask? Apparently not! Because that's exactly what I got at Artists' Point Retreat. What a refreshing and energizing experience to be around like minded creators in a breathtaking location. I highly recommend it, and will attend again!”


Email Sign Up :

If you are interested in being on the early bird email list for future retreats or to get more information on what Artists' Point Studio is all about, please send us your information. I promise we won't spam you ;)