Artists' Point Studio - The Retreat

A retreat for photography and renewal

The Retreat is a long weekend hosted by Amy Elizabeth and Sara Johansen up at the North Shore of Lake Superior. This is a spot that is near and dear to our hearts and we want to share this magical location with other photographers.

After the whirlwind of the last couple of years, we feel it is extra important to get away, recharge, be inspired, and have creative communion. Currently no future retreats are planned, but stay tuned for future dates!

Artists' Point Retreat 2021, Video Courtesy of Cami Turpin

A Glimpse Into Artists' Point Retreat

Enjoy this incredible video put together by 2021 attendee, Cami Turpin. This shows a true look at the fun, fellowship and photography that you will experience at The Retreat.

Images below are from The Retreat 2021, taken by attendees Cami Turpin, Jen Golay, Sonia Marfatia-Goode, Anna Metcalf, Krystle Adams, Amy Elizabeth and Sara Johansen

Image by Jen Golay
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Cami Turpin
Image by Sonia Marfatia-Goode
Image by Jen Golay
Image by Anna Metcalf


“My time spent with the wonderful Amy and Sara at Artist Point Retreat will always be treasured. It was a time much needed, to get away, clear my head, and refocus my creative mindset. The background was beautiful, there's something about the water there, the nature surrounding us everywhere. The accommodations were lovely, very convenient, close to restaurants and shops. Amy and Sara were an open book with any questions we had. The other participants were wonderful, and I'm glad to finally have met them.”


“If you are in a creative hamster wheel, or photography funk, Artists' Point Retreat is the perfect antidote to get away, slow down and be inspired.”


“At this point in my creative journey, all I really want out of a retreat is new places and faces to shoot, creative energy and collaboration with other artists, and someone to feed me and drive me around so I don't have to do anything but pick up a camera. Is that too much to ask? Apparently not! Because that's exactly what I got at Artists' Point Retreat. What a refreshing and energizing experience to be around like minded creators in a breathtaking location. I highly recommend it, and will attend again!”


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