A California Family

When life hands you a vaccine to protect against Covid-19, you take it. And then you take a trip to California. Right?! Right! When I realized traveling safely to California was a possibility, I immediately knew I wanted to get a session in on my trip. Enter the Laurin family. Katie and I met through the interwebs, and when she saw I was offering a session, she jumped at the chance. We both said it was a bit of serendipity that the dates, location, etc. etc. all worked out. And it really was serendipity. Despite being sunny in the morning, the fog rolled in heavy that afternoon and we found ourselves in a dreamy fog that made everything feel a bit more magical than being on the beach already feels.

We all got a workout running after their active little one, but it resulted in a a family just being a family. Playing in the sand, exploring new things, flying a kite, rolling up pant legs, giving a shoulder piggy back ride, climbing on driftwood. All the good stuff, that's not posed or planned, but is exactly what family time on the beach feels like. Thank you so much to the Laurin family for completely trusting me when I said, just go run and play, I'll capture it all. And thank you for letting me be a part of such a special time in your life as you prepare for bébé #2. May these images be something you treasure forever!