An English Family Part II

After some lovely moments inside, we headed out in the neighborhood to get some more family shots. The beautiful bush with berries was just asking for images in front of it, and we ended up using it for most of the shoot! The steps nearby gave the family a spot to sit together, but the sidewalk provided a place for the little one to get out all her wiggles.

By the end, we were all laughing and talking as if we'd known each other forever. And really, when taking pictures, I do get to know you, very quickly. And that's how you get images such as this, to cherish forever. We will laugh, we will sigh, we will hug and there may even be a tear or two, or a dance session together. But in the end, the final gift of our new friendship will be these pictures.

Thank you to this beautiful family for allowing me to capture them and their love.