My Kids In The Studio

The best way to test out a new space is always by making your kids the test subjects, right? I'm not going to tell you there was bribing involved (lol of course there was - photographers, they're just like us!), but I'm so glad I got them in there. Not only so I could try out the new space, but also so I could get some new portraits of them! With them in school and also getting older and finding my picture taking somewhat annoying now (I cry) it's hard for me to ever get pictures of them. I want to respect when they say NO, but sometimes you just need to capture them at a certain age. So, insert a studio day with my kids.

We had so much fun, truly! They loved the wide open space to run around and just act like, well, act like kids! Which is exactly what I want for my sessions. I want kids and families to run and play. Because those moments when you're spinning your little around or racing with them or helping them try to take their first steps. Those are the moments I want to capture for you, because trust me, those are the moments you're going to want.

Now, how long before I can get my kids back in there? Time (and bribing) will tell!