Some Fun with Cinestill 800T

One of our 2022 Sponsors for Artists' Point Retreat was Cinestill Film, and as part of their sponsorship they sent us a whole bunch of film to use during the retreat. When we arrived at our rental for the weekend and I saw this space, I knew exactly what needed to happen. A colorful, indoor shoot using 800T. One of the great things about 800T is that it's tungsten based, which means it's made specifically for photographers using tungsten lights. This also means that when shooting inside with inside household lighting, it replicates the look of clean, natural light. We did have some natural light coming in, but to make it work, we needed every indoor light on, especially when in the bathroom. These are straight standard scans from The FIND Lab! The tones and color blew me away and the film stock made this idea of a colorful indoor shoot a reality. We had so much fun setting it up, finding different poses, playing around - we all just took pictures to have fun and try something new, which was so freeing!

I absolutely loved using 800T and have already used it several more times. If you're indoors shooting film with little to no natural light, definitely give 800T a chance! Thank you, Cinestill, for your sponsorship and generosity! If you're interested in future retreat information, please check out my page for The Wandering Artist.