Artists' Point 2022

This summer, the second Artists' Point Retreat took place in Grand Marais, Minn. There were 10 attendees, 13 of us total, and we truly had the best time. We carpooled up from Minneapolis, stopping first in Duluth for a little bit to eat and some time to venture around Canal Park. Next up, we headed toward Grand Marais, stopping at a beach along the way and then once more for an absolutely epic sunset. We arrived safe and sound, which was a feat considering I was driving a 16- passenger van for the first time. But I have to admit, by the end of the retreat, I kind of loved the van. Enough of that, back to the retreat.

The next two days were filled with laughter, joy, solitude, discovery, community and vulnerability. We hiked, explored Grand Marais, ventured out to Artist Point, but more than that, everyone opened up to the weekend and to the new friends around them. The attendees took the chance to be vulnerable, allowing them to not only connect with other photographers, but also with themselves. We also were lucky to have Noelle from The Find Lab with us for the weekend. She gave an incredibly informative presentation about how the lab works, scanning and more. And speaking of sponsors, Cinestill made sure we all had some film for the weekend and supplies for developing, and Ultraviolet Backdrops sent the most INCREDIBLE backdrop for us to use. We truly had the best sponsors and I am so grateful for their generosity!

Here in this post, you can see a smattering of images I took from the weekend, but there's so much more than what it shows. And I'm excited to do it again! I'll be taking the show on the road, if you will, with The Wandering Artist. Same type of retreat, but just me, taking groups across the U.S. If you think it's something that you might be interested in, check out my page and sign up for the The Wandering Artist newsletter at the bottom of the page.

A final thank you to everyone that attended Artists' Point Retreat - it truly was a lovely time and I'm so excited to continue hosting retreats.