Chicago, Souped

As I mentioned in my previous blog post here, one of my favorite things about personal trips is the ability to experiment and try all the things with my photography. So it's really no surprise that I knew I absolutely wanted to do a roll of film soup while down town. It was a great way for me to experiment and also capture some familiar places in new and different ways. First, the Chicago Theater sign, the Wrigley Building and the Corn Cob buildings are without a doubt my favorite structures of downtown Chicago. I love them. SO MUCH. It's not a trip to Chicago if I haven't seen them, so naturally they became the focus of my soup. Having recently experimented film soup with Fuji Superia and loving the results, I took this moment as a chance to test it out again and vary the recipe I used a bit.

Let me tell you what, when I got the scans back, my jaw dropped. First, I could absolutely not believe how vibrant the colors were. I've NEVER gotten vibrant colors like this when souping a Fuji stock. I was blown away. Second, I was instantly in love. I took some risks, tried new things, and the result was creating some of my favorite souped images ever.

Experiment, try new things, let yourself shoot with freedom. You just might create some of your best work yet.