Fun with Film Photography

Over the last year my business has sat quiet as I found a way to work through COVID-19 and all that 2020 brought to my family and me. With that down time from taking on clients, it opened me up to be able to have more personal projects and experiment in film photography more. This last month I set out to do a roll of images that was only double exposures. A double exposure is when two (or even more!) images are shot before the roll of film advances, so two frames in one. It was a challenge for me and something that brought me great joy! It really pushed me to look at scenes differently and to practice techniques, some old to me, some new to me. Here is a snippet of some of my favorite images from the roll that I wanted to share with you all. They are colorful, bright and bring me so much joy.

The best part? These are all techniques I can (and probably will) use during sessions! I always want to make sure my clients have access to all my shooting techniques during a session, so if double exposures are something you want, I can do that. They are a great way to showcase some of the real beauty that film can provide.

Now, I'm off to go shoot another roll of doubles before I start shooting clients again in May! I have some really beautiful sessions coming up and I cannot wait to share all those beautiful family memories and moments I'm about to capture.