Katie's Wedding Day

One of my very dearest friends got married this past summer in North Carolina, and she asked me to document the bridal suite while they all got ready for the day. Now, while I don't normally do any kind of wedding photography, for Katie it was an immediate yes! I truly love documentary photography, so getting to do it and for someone so special to me was truly a gift. BUT, I knew I needed to be prepped going into it. (Here comes to tech part!) I had no idea on what kind of lighting situation I would have, and I wasn't going to be hauling my lighting gear on an airline. So, I planned for the "worst" which in my mind was indoor candescent lighting only, which as it turns out was the correct way to plan. There was a wall of windows, but with trees outside, it blocked much of the light coming in, so I went into action with some Ilford HP5 and CineStill 800T, and let me tell you what, IT DELIVERED! The CineStill perfectly balanced out the indoor lighting and the HP5 captured so much of the emotion of the day. Folks, those color images are straight Standard Scans from The FIND Lab - I was so incredibly pleased with how beautiful the tones came out!

I'm so grateful I got to be a part of such a special day and gift these beautiful images to my dear friend for her wedding day. Thank you for asking me and I am SO happy for you!