The Cayman Islands

Right now when a travel opportunity comes my way, I'm having a hard time saying anything but OMG YES! I think the nearly two years of going nowhere with the pandemic really has made it that now all I want to do is make up for lost time and go anywhere and everywhere. Enter the Cayman Islands. This was a new destination for me and I'll be honest, at first I was unsure. Just beaches? That's it? Seems maybe a bit boring, no?

Let me tell you, not boring. The island has lots of fun stuff to do from great spots to eat, amazing boating excursions, Stingray City, snorkeling and yes, beaches, too. And guess what, the beaches really are that incredible. The wake is so calm on 7-mile beach that it just laps gently at your feet as you walk in the soft sand. And the water is warm! I cannot express just how perfect it was to just sit on the beach, read my book, hop in the water for a quick cool off, then go sit back and read my book. Maybe it's the stage of life I'm in now, but wow did I need that time to just sit.

I know if the opportunity present itself again, I will absolutely be saying YES to going to the Cayman Islands.