The Harbaugh Family Part I

When my sister asked me if I would take family pictures for her, I jumped at the chance! I love them so dearly, so to capture them together was a treat. We had VERY little time to get this session in due to a busy family weekend, but we forged ahead and made the most of it. I loved getting my nephews and niece all piled up in a chair together, snuggled in, still little enough for all of them to fit.

It's a big reminder just how fast they are growing, right before our eyes. It seems like just yesterday I was taking newborn pictures of them. Where has the time gone? The good news, is that over the years, all the moments are captured. The baby pictures, birthday parties, family pictures, baptisms and the list goes on. These are not moments to miss. These are the ones you want forever. The three of them, all piled in together, holding their sister tight.

After a quick bit inside, we moved outside to get a couple more shots, including a group family shot. Part II is up next!