A Whole Family of Love

All Susan wanted for Mother's Day this year was family pictures. She wanted with her husband, kids and grandkids, pictures of them all together, laughing and having fun. So we met at one of their favorite places that is very special to them all, central campus of Iowa State University. They all attended ISU and I'm sure are hopeful the three boys will someday as well, so campus was a perfect backdrop. And it was one of those absolutely perfect May nights in Iowa. It was warm, but not too warm, the sun was shining brightly with not a cloud in the sky and the grass was green as can be, perfect for running around in, because when there are three little boys involved, there will absolutely be running. And there were piggy back rides, dancing, whispering of sweet nothings and smooches from a mom to her sons. There was love. SO much that you could just feel how close this family is and what they all mean to each other.

Thank you Susan and family for allowing me to capture these sweet little moments!