A California Getaway

This blog post honestly needs very little explanation, as the images do most of the talking, but I'll probably write too much anyway. Because after 15 months of being very strict with Covid-19 regulations, my sisters, mom and I all took our fully vaxxed selves on a much needed getaway. I mean, at this point, we all deserve one, right? It's been quite a year and a half as we've all navigated unknowns due to the virus, among all the other curveballs that came our way. So we went and we enjoyed every second.

We did some quick stops in San Francisco, drove down Hwy 1, made time for wine tasting, explored Henry Cowell State Park and marveled at the redwoods, drove through Monterey and Carmel, making sure to check out classics spots such as Lovers Point and Pebble Beach, viewed the majesty of the Big Sur area, including the now famed Bixby Bridge, and even had a day of full relaxing on the beach of our rental where we chatted with locals (meet Brad, the local strawberry farmer that loves to fish for stripers off the coast) read books all day.

I was able to shoot in a way I really haven't fell like I've been able to in a long time. There's something about shooting in a completely new area, new spot, new light, new experiences. It gives me so much joy and fills my bucket in such a way it's hard to explain. Thanks to my sisters and mom for always being willing to stop along the way or wait while I took all the pictures, and did what I told them for posing, even if it seemed weird at the time. (But let's be honest, we know they all love having these images, too). And thank you California, for renewing me in a way I so desperately needed. I cannot wait to get back out to the west coast and here's hoping it doesn't take as long for me to get back as it did this time.