A Month on Film

In an effort to challenge myself, get inspired and pick up my camera, last March I did a month on film. One roll of film dedicated to one month, each day having a prompt to get me started. I opened it up to all my followers on IG as well, a bit of a group project, but more so to have a group of people encouraging each other along the way. The truth about the winter months, is that picking up a camera can be tough. It's cold, the light can be difficult and for me in Iowa, there's just not a whole lot inspiring me. So I really wanted to do this not just for me, but for others who were maybe feeling the same bit of blah I was feeling when it came to photography.

For me, the roll consists of so much day-to-day life, and that makes me so happy I did this project. When I got my roll back, I found myself quite emotional, having the month documented in such a way. I cannot wait to do another project like this!

For those interested, here are the daily prompts:

  1. A Moment of Love
  2. Safety
  3. Joy
  4. Something Far Away
  5. Seasons
  6. Morning Light
  7. Respite/Self Care
  8. Something You Treasure
  9. Struggle
  10. Leading Lines
  11. Movement
  12. Looking Up
  13. Reflection
  14. Self-Portrait
  15. Something to Remember
  16. Task/Chore
  17. Shadow
  18. Mother Nature
  19. Evening Moment
  20. Documentation
  21. Rule of Thirds
  22. Changes
  23. Day-To-Day Life
  24. Layers
  25. Still Life
  26. Full or Empty
  27. Looking Down
  28. Growth
  29. Beauty
  30. This is Me
  31. Out of Focus

Have you ever done something similar? Would you ever do something like this? I would love to hear your thoughts on personal projects!