April Month On Film

Every so often I need a little jumpstart and I've found a simple personal project to help me out: Month On Film. The idea is one roll of film, one prompt per day, one shot per prompt. If you're using 35mm, a roll of 36 exposures works beautifully, giving you a couple of extra shots to help with errors, but not so many extra shots that it feels like the small parameters I've put in place our for naught. I love this project so much! Last April I created a month of new prompts and invited others to join in with me as I worked through the project. It was incredible to see how others viewed the prompts and also to see the compilation of work at the end of the month.

For my April Month On Film I choose a documentary route, trying to find each prompt in each day, giving me a quick synopsis of my month when I was done. From traveling, to being back home and dealing with house issues, each day I found a little spot where I was prompted to pick up my camera. I love how at the end of the month the habit of camera in hand is back for me. Yup, a little jumpstart.

I opened up to do the project again this January and it's been so wonderful to start off the new year with a small project. I hope to do another group run later on in 2024, so be sure to follow along on IG or subscribe to my emails to be in the know for the next one!