The Immel Family

With their first baby on the way, maternity photos were an absolute must for Richard and Amanda. Amanda is one of my dearest friends from college - we have soooo many stories ;) - but for today I'll tell the one about how we swore up and down we were never getting married and we were never having kids. Ever. Well, you know how that turned out for us. Both married and kids either here or on the way. The joke was on us! That made capturing these precious days with her beautiful baby bump that much more special. To see Amanda absolutely glowing, with the love of her life right there beside her, basking in her beauty - what a moment!

Even though it was fall, we chose to go down by the river near her family's farm, a place so special to Amanda. She grew up on those banks and when I saw the big sand dunes I absolutely knew it was the perfect spot for pictures. The big, beautiful fall sun, shining on them, only made for a greater glow around Amanda. Congratulations, you two, parenthood looks good on you!