A Morning At Joshua Tree

On my last morning in Palm Springs for Photo Native, I headed out to Joshua Tree with some other photographers to catch the sunrise. It absolutely did not disappoint and was 100% worth the 3:30 a.m. wake up call. As soon as we got into the National Park the sun started to peak out and we pulled over literally on the side of the road to capture it. It was freezing cold in the morning desert air, but it was worth it!

After we sufficiently captured the sun coming up over the horizon, we ventured on down the way to find another spot to do some portraits and take more pictures in the new morning light. I was so inspiring to be out there with other photographers, watching how they photograph people and places. And it was a cherry on top to get them in front of my camera AND also get in front of their cameras.

It's these type of moments that remind me why I find in-person retreats SO important and why I'm committed to hosting small retreats in magical spots. I want every photographer to have this same type of experience that I had at Joshua Tree. Moments to connect, try new things, be creative and be inspired by others. I cannot wait to plan my next retreat!

Until next time!