Picking a Christmas Tree

A mini session of my kids while picking out our Christmas tree was just the order. We always go to pick out a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, and for the past three years we've been in the Fargo-Moorhead area, we've picked the same local spot to pick up a tree. They grow on their nearby farm and bring them into town, ensuring a fresh delivery. The best part? The flocked trees in their greenhouse. The powdery white trees make the best backdrop, even for a running two-year-old that never wants to stop.

This is it, these are the moments. Time is rapidly passing by as my kids grow faster than weeds in the summer. They will only be four and two once, picking out our Christmas tree. That little house sweater won't fit forever. Before I know it, it will be me dragging them along to pick out a tree instead of them running through the lot exclaiming that every single one is the best one and that we need them all.

Don't let it pass you by. Even if your session is picking out a Christmas tree, it's perfect. It's your family memories documented. Let's get started.