The Johansen Kids

Every fall it's a tale as old as time, we need photos for a Christmas card. Usually I go with a family picture (where I've set up my digital camera and handed off to my sister to take, thanks sister!) but this year I wanted to focus on the kids. So we got the kids all dressed up and headed out to one of our favorite nature preserves in a nearby town to let the kids run free. Not only did they run, but the picked up leaves and sticks, held our hands, held each others' hands, danced around, found nature treasures and really just had fun.

And that's the best part, isn't it? We not only got these beautiful pictures for our card (and let's be honest, we'll be using them for more than just that), but we had a wonderful family day together. The memories we made helped make the Christmas card that much sweeter, a simple reminder of that beautiful fall day.

I'd love to help you capture a beautiful family day, too. Let's connect and start working on your story.